Cleaning Protocol

100+ Points of Cleaning and Disinfecting

OBASA / Six Three Suites proudly carries a reputation for providing furnished suites that undergo a degree of cleaning that exists well above the industry standards. Between guests and for routine housekeeping during a guest’s stay, every unit is cleaned and disinfected with a hospital-grade cleaner and according to our proprietary checklist that requires more than 100 points of inspection. We also clean and disinfect keys, fobs, garage openers and lockboxes between guests.

This checklist is used by our cleaners and our inspectors to ensure our guests are both satisfied and safe in all times of need.

We happily share our rigorous housekeeping inspection sheet because we want you to know we don't just clean for appearances. We also clean for your health. It's just another way OBASA / Six Three Suites strives to provide you with the highest degree of comfort in your furnished living experience.

OBASA Six Three Suites 100-point Inspection.pdf

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Cleaning Protocol

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